About us

ABA footwear is one of the leading leather footwear companies in Vietnam. Founded in 2013, ABA footwear has received the appreciation of industry experts, the trust of customers and partners around the world.We focus on researching and creating high quality and luxurious leather shoes products.  , suitable for all fashion styles.
We focus on researching and creating high quality and luxurious leather shoes which are suitable for all fashion styles. Each of ABA footwear's products is made with the best materials with an experienced production team.


Abafootwear was founded with a passion for leather shoes fashion, a desire and a passionate heart.From a fledgling business that was initially established, it has received the trust of many partners in the world and  Appreciation of industry experts.  During the operation in the field of research, production and commercialization of leather footwear products, with the goal of promptly meeting the increasing demands of customers, we are always updating and creating innovative products.  New trend-following models follow the development trend of the fashion market.


From craftsmen, designers, consultants and technicians, we are the ones who can realize your idea and turn it into a complete model and ready for mass production. Many workers have been with us for many years and have industry experience, with the technique of producing large quantities of leather shoes with stringent quality standards. Our team is a family and we always try to create products with true value.

Our products - ABAFOOTWEAR

Các sản phẩm của Abafootwear được gia công tại công ty giày dép ABA dưới bàn tay của những người thợ có nhiều năm kinh nghiệm trong nghề, tâm huyết và tỉ mỉ trong từng khâu từ khảo sát, thiết kế mẫu, tạo from dáng, lựa chọn nguyên vật liệu và sản xuất theo đúng trình tự tiêu chuẩn quốc tế để xứng đáng với - sản phẩm mang chất lượng quốc tế. Mang đến sự thoải mái, tiện ích khi sử dụng, luôn toát lên vẻ đẹp thanh lịch của phụ nữ.

Our vision

By the efforts and creativity of all officials and employees.  Abafootwear Company wishes to become a leading company in Vietnam supplying footwear to domestic and international consumers.  Become one of the successful women's footwear brand chains in Vietnam.  Thereby developing the Vietnam Leather and Footwear retail industry, becoming the brand of women's shoes trusted by Vietnamese women.

Our mission

Abafootwear's mission is to provide consumers in Vietnam and other countries around the world with good quality and affordable footwear products.  Create high-quality products at reasonable prices and target consumers; Build a youthful, professional and cultural culture - create jobs for young people to help develop the country.  .To contribute to the development of the retail and footwear industries in Vietnam.