The domestic leather shoe market is currently expanding, with too many unknown leather products on the market, not fully meeting the needs of each customer segment. ABA footwear is one of the few businesses to meet that demand. Currently, we have sufficient human resources for each department, different stages, ensuring the best completion of your Project.
When you come to ABA footwear with the desire to build a brand of your own shoes. First, the Branding Consulting Department will discuss with customers the ideas and desires of the customer, then will model the direction for a brand and draw out future development directions. . Next, the Model Design and Development Department will simulate in detail the paper styles, colors and designs that meet the needs of the Consulting department. Finally, the Manufacturing Department consists of a team of highly skilled technicians, equipment and technology imported from the most advanced leather shoe countries that will realize these designs into high quality products. Giving you absolute satisfaction.
ABA footwear parts interact seamlessly with each other to create high quality leather shoes that are rigorously tested on each product. With the increasing production of the week but still ensuring the quality, ABA footwear always complete the project schedule according to the requirements of customers and complex details on each product. We confirm that ABA footwear has the best conditions and resources to successfully complete the Project.

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